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Strikeforce Live Stream


If anyones interested its live now.


Nice, thanks.


hells yeah, good looking out


That's not tonight's strike force.


THe maincard doesn't start for a bit, i'm hoping that this link works cause I'll be at work for this one.


Damn, that was an ass beating if I ever saw one.


Hell yeah, Nick Diaz is the man. Maybe for Carano-Cyborg they can fight at 180 so both of them can make weight.


I wanna see Diaz/Cyborg....I'm serious.


She is an animal but she was a good 20 pounds heavier than her opponent.


Yep, it wasn't funny anymore.
Her coaches should have def. thrown the towel.

With these hands, Diaz would probably defeat Le standing.


Hey Schwarzfahrer,

Where in Germany are you? I'm looking at PCSing (moving) to Grafenwoeher soon. And I also have to disagree slightly with the Cung Le reference. I would give the slight edge to Le with the stand up. I do believe, however, that Diaz would eventually get Le down and then the fight would be over.


People always forget how good a wrestler Le is, the man is a San Shou champion and was undefeated in K-1 I see Le winning the standup.


Diaz does have problems taking guys down...he took Frank down rather easily, but Frank's wrestling and knees aren't quite what they were. I think Diaz would have to be dominating teh standup in order to get the fight to the ground...unless Le went all crazy with his kicks and opened himself up for a takedown.


People wonder why he did so well in San Shou part of it is his Greco background he throws alot of hip throws and suplexes


Currently in our capital, but will move away in a few weeks.

The thing with Le is, he fights with explosivity, similar to (old) Frank Shamrock.
Diaz' boxing, who's young and hungry, pretty much improves the whole time while Le gets older and does C-movies for a living. His use of range is extraordinary, and Le has a shorter wingspan then Shamrock.
Because I really like Le, I somewhat hope he could pull off a crazy punch-kick winning combo.
But my money is on the other guy.

As for his wrestling abilities, while certainly there, I think we can agree that Le prefers to stand, for various reasons.


How is that nobody talks about Smith - Radach?

I think it was the most exciting fight in the last few months.

Although Diaz' jab and left cross look girly, they are effective. Nonetheless, him defeating Cung Le standing is out of the question, IMHO.

Overall great card with great fights and great production.