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Strikeforce HW Grand Prix: If This Happens...


I will have a huge mmagasm.


I would buy it. Which is saying a lot because I usually don't buy my MMA. I miss the occasional tournament style fights.


I really hope so but the chances of this actually happening? Heard the takes of Fedor fighting bigfoot in February have already went south.


This could be epic. Coker alluded to every one of the organization's top heavyweights fighting each other. That being said, something always seems to happen, especially when M-1 Global, and to a lesser extent Strikeforce, are involved. M-1 Global could make ridiculous demands and mess up negotiations for Fedor. Also, some of the guys are coming off of injuries or other things. Werdum has been out of commission, Overeem just fought in the K-1 GP etc. I love tournaments though. This would be like the old Pride-style Grand Prixes. Also, there could be some interesting matchups along the way as well as the subplots involved in rematches.


things are looking up


Looks like it will happen......



I dont know. With the likelyhood thAT something with Fedor will screw it up its hard to get pysched for an 8 man tournament with a max of 3 fights worth watching.


I'm confused.. On those websites it has fedor and overeem on the same bracket. Having them meet at semi finals but the picture you posted says otherwise.


looks correct to me


ok i must be going crazy.. on the picture posted overeem werdum are on the opposite bracket as fedor silve... but espn and the middleeasy picture show that they're on the same bracket.



Here is the offical bracket and a realy good trailer.

Yes it will happen.

No you wont have to pay for it because its free on Showtime.

Oh yah...WAR Overeem!


The bracket posted up top is an older draft and incorrect.


i was just fucking with you


psh.. no! I totally knew you were fucking with me.

The incorrect bracket is the better one.


Not a lot of how the brackets are set up make sense. I am just looking at the one side of the bracket Overreem vs Werdum is what should happen. the winner of Silva vs Fedor is who should face the winner of Overeem vs Werdum.

The other side of the bracket. Should be fun to watch, whoever comes out on top would be who should get the next shot at the belt in Strikeforce


The bracket is settup in such so Overeem can win and be the new poster boy for Strikeforce. Fedor is on his road to retirement. They need a new golden boy. Scott Coker, hate him or like him. He is a smart mother fucker that has been around the block for a long time.


I'm still pulling for fedor.. its hard for me to choose between them but in the end I have to hold true to him


well some of the shit he does makes me scratch my head.


damn YAKUZA!!!


lol no just things like having Rogers fight for a belt after losing to Fedor