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Strikeforce: Diaz VS Daley


I just got say one thing; WAR KAWAJIRI!!!!

later i'll do my picks.


Gilbert by decision
Mousasi by death
Diaz by tko or submission unless he gets KO's, what's interesting is Diaz has traded with some heavy handed dudes and come out on top. Lawler and Gomi, not sure who hits harder of the the 3 though. Daley packs some heat. I'm also wondering if Diaz can take Daley down. Daley had a problem defending td's against gamebred who isn't a wrestler.


Im looking forward to this card.

I won't make any predictions because I am terrible at it but will state that Jardine is at a critical juncture in his career and while it's good to see him on a card, he's got a lot on the line here.

I think he's gonna have his hands full with Mousasi.


Jardine is probably going to get massacred and drop to 185lbs as he stated.

Diaz had bigger problems with Gomi, Zaromskis and Lawler, i see him passing easily through Daley. Diaz always surprise me with his striking.

I'm really rooting for Kawajiri, i really hope he beats Melendez, He has a decent GNP and it's a pressure powerhouse.


Yeah, I guess what I am referring to is if he loses this will make it 4 in a row. His purse will likely go down significantly and even if he does drop down he likely won't get any meaningful fights until his 3rd or 4th.

He's going to have a long road back and if he loses again at 185, that might be all she wrote.


Daley is a beast.. impressive kicking and boxing power, but that sucker punch on Koscheck was just disappointing and he hasn't been my favorite since then.

He might win vs Diaz, as long as he stands on his feet. Diaz will surely destroy him on the ground...well, if he manages to take him down...

For the rest of the card: Aoki, Mousari(sorry Jardine...) and Melendez all winners.


I'm pulling for Jardine, but it's a bad matchup. He's not a powerhouse wrestler, and that leaves Gegard's big weakness untouched. On the feet, I think it's a safe bet that Mousasi is the superior technician. Still, WAR Keith.

Aoki takes this, he's had a horrible year, and will be out to make a statement.

Kawa has looked impressive, but I'll be honest I haven't seen any Melendez's recent fights.

I think Diaz can lose a decision here, but that depends on two things: Can Daley last 5 rounds? Is Daley really the better MMA striker? I think it's safe to say Nick isn't taking him down (though if he does, it'll be over in a round IMO). I also don't think Diaz is going to be finished. If you can take a fully winded up punch from Gomi and merely fall back while looking at your opponent straight in the eye, you're going to need more than punches to put you to sleep.


Diaz did it again, huh?

i find myself being critical of him, generally due to his public persona, but he backs it up. i wonder if the GSP fight will happen now....



Yay Aoki!

Nick Diaz would rape GSP

I felt bad for Kawajiri but Gilbert is a pure monster.

Gilbert and Alvarez would steam-roll through ufc lightweights


lol@ Nick Diaz would rape GSP. GSP would take him down repeatedly and keep him there. And Diaz would not be submitting GSP either. Diaz is a gamer no doubt, but he would lose to GSP, Fitch etc.

I'd pay to see Melendez vs. Penn. I think BJ would oblige him with a brawl, and that night would end quickly for Gilbert


You must be smoking the same stuff as Diaz :slight_smile:
GSP via poutine choke


Penn is overrated.


Mike Winkeljohn thinks Jardine WON that fight. Yes, read that again and let it stew in your head.

â??I thought Keith won the fight. I thought he won rounds one and two. I know round two was a little closer, but I thought he won the round,â?? Winkeljohn told Sherdog.com following the contest. â??I think a lot of people are always influenced by blood. Keith is a bleeder, but heâ??s fine. That just happens when Keith Jardine fights, and I think that people like that he comes to fight.â??

I guess being outstruck nearly 3-1, and landing only 2 ground strikes when he did get the takedowns warrants winning the fight in Winkeljohn's eyes. Hell, Round 3 could have been a 10-8 round for Mousasi. Mousasi took him down several times as well as had him mounted, in addition to owning him while standing up. Why can't Winkeljohn just be honest and say the other guy fought a better fight? Even Shogun's manager said Bones fought a good fight and was the better man that night.

MMA seriously needs to get away from the round scoring systems. Some of the decisions in the last few years have been ludicrous. I don't know how anybody that watched that fight last night said Jardine won, or even it was a draw with the point reduction. Good lord


Penn might be overrated but he is still a tough customer for anyone. Go look at who Melendez has fought and actually beaten, and who Penn has fought and beat. Melendez' two best wins are Aoki (who would get murdered in the UFC) and Clay Guida, a gatekeeper level fighter. Meanwhile, Penn fought and finished numerous top ten LW.

And don't even get me started on the Diaz beating GSP statement.

I am not an anti-Strikeforce guy either. I just think you have to take level of competition into consideration. Outside of the HW division, the best fighters mostly reside in the UFC. Aside from Hendo and Mousasi, Strikeforce's LHW division is a joke.


Thing is UFC doesn't even care about MMA Judging, they just want to shove money into their pockets, who cares if fighters get screwed? it just provides more hype to a possible rematch, and besides the better fighter not winning isn't able to ask for better purses.



GSP is probably the one UFC fighter of whom the hype is 100% justified. GSP would make diaz his bitch. Takedowns all night long, jabathon on a the feet.


georges would get beat on the feet at the very least


Everyone rages about Diaz's boxing. It sucks balls. He's just so akward and thrashes so hard that he overcomes everyone elses lacklustre boxing in MMA. He knows how to get peoples ego's fighting instead of their heads and so makes what he wants with them. GSP is far too skilled, technical, calm and not rattled by that crap to lose to his lacklustre boxing. Had Daley remained a little more disciplined he could have seriously troubled him but he went into his world and lost out.

GSP would eat Diaz all day.


Diaz is awkward and he swarms with his punches. That alone makes his opponents abandon discipline and go wild. Daley is WAY better at striking, yet you couldn't tell on Saturday. No way in hell Diaz should have gotten back up after those knockdowns. Everyone hypes Diaz's boxing, but it's fucking garbage! GSP would rape that dude. And smile while doing so. And Melendez doesn't impress me. He's good, but not great.


Yeah, that Diaz sure does suck. He just keeps winning though...ah it must be luck.