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Strikeforce Challengers 16


Anyone else excited to see this? To be honest, I think some of the fights in the under-card (see: http://mmajunkie.com/news/23599/strikeforce-signees-jason-high-quinn-mulhern-face-off-at-strikeforce-challengers-16.mma ) should easily be on the main card...

But I'm excited...


I'm excited to see Couture, his style is so different from Randy's. I'm also looking forward to watching Britt and Vilante.


not any fight particularly striking. Maybe Jason High


That's the one I have a particular interest in.

I want to see Mulhern take it.


why is that?


His Jujitsu is insane, and his standup is very underrated and rapidly improving. He's had multiple title defenses of the KOTC WW belt, and has a 15-1 professional record. He's a great fighter, and this is his shot at the big leagues.


mmm interesting, i'll watch some of his fights, any fight you particularly recommend?


Old fight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiiqdTM4vDA&feature=related

He's ground game has only gotten better, his striking was not very good at that point.

Fight from this last December just to get an idea at how his standup has improved.

Can't find a video of his most recent fight, but he basically destroyed the guy the guy with knees, then tapped him in the first round.


Mulhern/High fight is now on the main card