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Strikeforce Bringing the Goods


I really like their June event. The main card is realy solid. I can honestly say I really want to see all of these fights except the Baroni vs. Riggs fight. The addition of Arlovski was huge. Wonder if they are setting up an Arlovski vs. Overeem bought?

Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Shields
Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith
Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead
Phil Baroni vs. Joe Riggs
Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers

Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante vs. Jared Hamman
Josh Bumgarner vs. Jesse Finney
Tyron Woodley vs. Sal Woods
Lucas Lopes vs. Scott Ventimiglia
Pat Benson vs. Dave Cochran
Booker DeRousse vs. James Wade


Damn,that does look to be a good card. Arlovski vs. Rogers,huh? Rogers is going to be humbled. Arlovski will be looking for blood after his disappointing loss to Fedor.


I've trained with Brett Rogers (well I watched him train, but I was there too)
He is a monster. MONSTER.