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Strict Overhead Press vs Human Flag vs Handstand

hi guys
im training almost 16 months …
my height 5’7
my weight 158 lbs
my strict ovh press is 165 lbs
my current goal reaching to 225 lbs ovh press …
which one is harder ??? ( ovh/ humang flag/handstanding)
i like to do human flag if i can hit 225 lbs ovh can help me on bodyweight training ? how? and how take long to be able do human flag or handstanding?
if someone without strong shoulder start bodyweight training how take long to reach human flag and handstanding ?

You trying to compare two different things. Example my one son at 170 could do a waking hand stand as part of a wrestling warm up . But could not do a strict ohp with 225


A 158-pound man strict pressing 225 will be phenomenally more difficult than either of the bodyweight exercises.

Those are skills moreso than tests of strength. A couple weeks of consistent focused practice can get you there. The flag would be tougher than a handstand, but still, not any kind of gigantic challenge.