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Strict Overhead Press Plateau

idk if I posted this in the right section but any ideas how to beak a plateau on standing strict overhead presses? what has worked for you guys? I work with heavy singles and doubles, I have tried higher (5+) reps but they never helped me with strength but they did help with size. I do z presses, seated overhead presses, heavy overhead lockouts with the starting position right at the top of my head, and have used paused reps from time to time. I cant provide a video as a visual as all I have is a flip phone but I’m an advanced lifter in the overhead press (1rm strict press around 250 lbs) so noob gains are long gone. as a side note I use to bench press but I haven’t in atleast 4 years and my overhead strength has never been affected by my bench press anyhow.

Maybe try cluster training. I’ve also found in the past going really heavy on front raises can help my OHP.

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ill have to try that. thanks for the input!

Post your actual training.


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currently my training consists of training overhead once every 5 days. I take 90-93% of my 1RM and do as many strict overhead heavy singles with it as possible and take a 3 minute break in between each single, once I go to failure on singles ill back off to about 80% of my 1 RM and do 3 sets of 5 with that weight. once I do that I move to z presses and do a weight that I can handle for about 5 reps and go until failure with it then back the weight off and do 4 sets of 4 reps or until failure.

You’re likely stronger in the press than I’ll ever be, so following the thread for insight.
Can you maybe post a video of your press, ideally one of the heavy-ish singles? Take this for what it is, just a thought, but hammering the triceps might help? They’re often the weakest link of the chain when the bar approaches forehead level, it’s usually where people stalls in the lift

I’ve found standing behind the neck press , lowering the bar to about the bottome of my skull really helps my press.
I’ve done 5x10 staying lighter and 5x6-8 ramping up to a top set helpful.
I do after my press. Same day

all I have is a flip phone, otherwise id post a video but that’s exactly where my sticking point is…right around my forehead…the other day I started doin some sets where I would pause the bar right at my sticking point for a 3-5 second count then finish the rep and just do as many reps in a set as possible so hopefully that helps to. ive also read push presses help so I’m thinking about incorporating them into my training as well. hopefully in a few weeks I can have some progress to report back here.

sounds good! ill have to give these a go. ive never messed with behind the neck presses but since itd be new to me maybe itd confuse my muscles into getting stronger at the press.

They are a solid exercise with a recent bad rap.
Just lower bar to bottom of ears , base of skull.
A little wider than a press grip.
Start light, and work up.
Problem comes from going to low or grip to narrow.
Almost impossible to lean back like regular strict press.
My shoulders don’t hurt and my posture is good.
Good luck

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