Strict Curl PR 133lbs

Only 5kg less than the world record at my bw. Did this without much training it. Hopefully i can take the record (unofficially).


That’s pretty cool lol. Maybe double check the rules train a bit then rock up to a strict curl competition.

I think it’s like butt and back on the pad the whole time and start with everything locked out like knees and elbows and stuff so you should be good.

Make curls great again dude


Yeah made sure i had my ass,upper back and head on the wall at all times and started with locked elbows,but i guess from this angle it doesnt really show. Thnx man.

what’s your bodyweight?

Favorite phrase of the week :ok_hand:

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are you talking about a teen world record or something? or a particular federation? 60kg is definitely not within 5kg of the overall world record in the 75kg weight class (the weight class I would think you’d compete in if you did a small water cut).

Good shit!!! I gotta start doing these too. Maybe with an axle bar too!!

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Tje teen which im talking about is 65kg and the adult one is In the 100% Raw federation

You should do your water cut and sign up to the curl-only category in this 100% raw fed and win all the prizes. You are like right there.


gotcha. Yea, I give zero shits about any particular federations records, as there are probaby 50+ different federations in existence. But if that’s a record that’s meaningful to you, it’s worth pursuing. Just not my thing.

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