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Stricktly Trying to Gain Muscle


ive been training for 7 years now and i just turned 21, im 5"10 and 174 ibs and 7% body fat. im trying to gain just strictly muscle and be about 180 and still under 10% body fat. i work out 6X a week;3X circuit training and 3X weight lifting but im not seeing ne results. my supplements r whey protien and no-xplode and my diet is honestly very good. i need help/suggestions please!!






To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn....

And you could probably just gain 6lbs of fat and be 180 at under 10%.


Bad troll.


Don't bother to research anything for yourself; just ask others for information ad application that some nutrition professionals charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for.

Guys, tell my friend how to get jacked without gaining any fat. It will be easy to explain, considering the task involves constant monitoring of diet and body; like I said, monitoring that some charge hundreds to thousands for.


You didn't say Jackasses!


ill tell you

but its gonna cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars first


haha no roids i dont believe in that stuff


No really dude, they're real!


wats real, roids?


nah, they are make belive.
and my suggestion would be start reading the articles on training and diet


i do but im startin to think im overtrainin, i played college rugby and i worked out 6-7X a week but now im a firefighter but that workout regemign is still in my system, how many days/lifts/circuits a week do u recomend?


cock pushups and NOxplode


just eat apples all day and non-fat cottage cheese at breakfast. Low volume once set per body part at roughly 50% of your 1RM. rep range for the body part sets varies shoot for anywhere between 3-38 reps. to add size don't focus on large body parts like the legs or back as much.

you can add a pound a year so in six years you'll be at your supreme goal of 180lb of stacked lean mass at 5'10".


look i'm sorry, if you are serious then read, eat more and scale back your training six days on is a lot. you get a pump at the gym, you grow when you rest, note the difference.


You can't be serious, Cyruseven75. We all know that level of development can't be obtained in that short of a time frame even with herculean genetics, $50k/yr in gear, 10k cals/day, and a training mentality beyond what even the most dedicated pros display.

I don't believe in imposing limits on what is humanly possible when it comes to bodybuilding...but certainly you've got to acknowledge that there will never be anyone who will ever accomplish this otherworldly feat.


ive gotten to the point where i can spot threads like these just by the thread titles