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Striations In Shoulders


I have no shoulder striations. I have low body fat and very good definition. 6 pack and some striations in chest for example, very veiny forearms, etc. The striations have never been a goal or even really thought of mine.

But yest girl was talking about how hot they are on guys and got me thinking hey maybe I tinker with getting some at least for bit :wink:

How do you get them? Anyone every noticed that certain kinds of working out produce them more than other?

Right now I do bradford presses, lateral raises, 'arnold' presses, and upright rows as indicated in Waterbury's high frequency training program. So that means I do a combination of both high rep and high weight/low rep workouts w all of these exercises hitting the shoulders a couple times every week.


How much do you weigh? How tall are you?

I know alot of friends who have very low BF, great vascularity, but are considered twigs.

You're not going to have striations if you dont have muscle.


Give boxing a try.
You can substitute it with cardio.
After three months of work, you should notice some "new" veins on your shoulder.


Add weight to all those exercises. Lifting the same weight will not bring results. Try doing overhead presses more.


Good post. Trying to give this guy advice without having a clue where he is currently makes little sense. The biggest clue that someone has little to no muscle mass is when all they talk about is their abs and veins.


hi - i have nice straitations in my shoulders... i attribute my success in this area to purely doing as much weight as i can maintain for at least 7 - 10 reps per set, overhead dumbell press

These rock for shoulders and you can really feel the pump/isolated muscle group


As to the exercise that brings it up most in me i'd have to say deadlifting definitely.
However i don't have a clean cut up six pack (visible abs but not extreme definition) so that means you have way lower body fat than me. In other words you must have very little muscle on your shoulders. You might want to think about slabbing on muscle all over before specializing. Yeh a girl might liek striations on your shouldes but i'm pretty sure they would like the rest of you to be something other than a veiny twig.


man...it's always a great idea to do something solely to impress somebody.


Cannonball shoulders never hurt.


I'm guessing we're dealing with something more like BB's.


I've actually had striations at about 14%bf, the prof and everyone is right you need muscle. I find the striations come closer to the lateral/anterior area. Try this. Cut out all shoulder days etc. And after you finish your sets and reps on ANY exercise do a set of laterals and a set of front raises for 10-20 reps. Not after every set but a set of each between switching exercises.

If you do this right you should be looking at huge volume. It really banged my shoulders up. but if you are a veiny twig, put some size on first.


i dont have a camera so dont really have any pics of me except this one someone shared once. I might be twig compared lot of u but most people consider me pretty "swole" hah. I do a ton of deadlifts. Thanks for the suggestions about high rep lateral and front raises. Any other suggestions?


I wish I had some Smurfs as friends as well. They seem pretty cool.


Prof, you seem to have come back funnier from your "holiday". :smiley:


yeah so anyway, anyone have any more suggestions on how to get striations? I want to try this out.


I can't imagine there even being striations in your chest to be honest.

Also, I think you should really take a step back and ask yourself why the hell you are trying to get shoulder striations because a girl said SHE LIKED THEM!


What happens if tomorrow she says she like vagina?


I can't believe that a celebrity finally writes on the message boards and he is ridiculed!

AS you were saying Steve-O...





i cant believe how much crap Im getting for asking for advice on how do add a little something different to my workout here. Its fun to mess around trying different things every once in while. Right now Im entertained by idea of getting striations. Additionally, I have what called a libido. I am attracted to girls and find the notion of having even more sex with even hotter ones motivating enough to at least seek a little advice on how to do something that they have told me they would like. I shouldnt have to explain this and really do not understand all the negativity