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Stretchy Skin Man


I can't help but stare and smile.


That's... odd but kinda cool. If he gets fat he won't have to worry about stretch marks.


How can that not hurt? And even with the stretchiness, it still holds tight to his body when not being stretched.

I are amazed.


It's a good thing he has a sense of humor and charm, otherwise it'd be weird beyond belief.


Yeah, and he's quite enterprising- joined the circus and making a living off of it now. I like his attitude, he seems cool.

I am really curious about this lack of collagen in the skin thing though. I wonder how common it is.


"Do you have to stretch everyday to keep it that flexible?"

"No, it's a natural talent."

LOL, cool attitude. Others would feel like shit about something like that, he views it as a talent.


Yeah, I can't help but wonder if the stretchiness extends to the nether regions as well, and what that would look like.... morbid curiosity, because I probably would regret seeing it once I actually did. But still, makes you wonder...