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Hey, first off would like to say this forum is awesome and I read it almost daily.. I've learned so much from here in a very short time. Anyway I just started "bodybuilding" about 4-5 months ago. Prior to this I boxed fairly seriously but never really touched a weight because, my coach was afraid I'd get "too big and be slow" (I've always been large naturally). Long story short I quit boxing and went to lift with my younger brother who was making amazing gains. I've gone from 175 about 10 percent bodyfat to 220 12-13 percent in these 5 months , but the stretch marks are out of control they are everywhere even starting to get them on my forearms .. I'm sure some of the big guys on here have dealt with this and , was just wondering what you did!

Here are just some general stats

Height 5'10
age 19
calories in 5-6k
protien- 400+
carbs - 100ish
fat- 50-60gs
bodyfat is 12-13 percent i've had it tested by several people. It differs a bit depending who does it.
I workout 6 days a week .. twice a day.
I do take vitamin E oil but, it's not helping at all.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated .. thanks, Paul.


Yay another stretchmark thread. Search, it's been discussed many times on this forum.

Yes, they're big and red now, but they'll become very faded eventually. Deal with it and be glad you're growing.

Also, do you have any pics? 220 at 12% bf is pretty impressive and I'd like to see it.


so you've gained nearly fifty pounds in 5 months on around 100g carbs per day huh? and you're bf remains at around 12%?

now you've even got stretch marks on your forearms.

use the $ you are saving on carbs to buy lotion, rub vigorously.


Why would he do that? That would just make his forearms bigger and make more stretch marks.


Take Vit E. Buy Vit A&D ointment and use it once a day after shower. Get mederma and use once a day. This is the best advice you can get and it is poor at best. The 100% cure for stretch marks is to not care about stretch marks.


Stretch marks are a badge of honor, wear them proudly.

Also, there aren't really any effective solutions for them other than to stop lifting and gaining muscle mass, which is just illogical.


get a tan


lol bro u must have the best genetics ever if you truly got to 220/12bf this ez. pics plz


As someone that has a shitload of stretchmarks all over his body(thighs, lats, delts, biceps, traps etc...), my advice is get a good tan going. Best thing to do to reduce their visibility.