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Stretchmark Advice

So i relatively recently began to try and put on some weight. I gained some muscle and a little fat and I’m pretty happy with the results, another thing i got in the process were quite a bit of stretchmarks. I was really surprised since my gains did not come very fast in my opinion (about 20kg in about 2-3 years)… mostly muscle.

I think they only started to show up when i started lifting heavier though witch was only like 6 months ago. I have long ones right above my lower back, small frequent ones on my arms and long ones in and around the armpits that most recently started to reach too my chest, long ones above my shoulder and a few around the crotch area.

I know stretch marks are common and usually just a sign of big gains but in this case i think i got way too many for what little gains i made for a fair period of time. Well, my skin doctor disagrees, the only explanation she had were rapid growth from steroids … and I’m natural !, so yeah my thought was that maybe i wasn’t producing some chemicals that should prevent the marks but i haven’t found anything to support that theory so i guess it’s just bad skin genetics ?

Any ideas other than bad skin genetics … or steroid use or just advice about the marks are much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think youre over thinking this. i have em too on both armpits. Outer thigh and inner thighs. Just be proud of them.