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Hello everyone,

I read a bunch of the stretching articles on the site but I would like to address my flexibility my thoroughly. --I was hoping someone could provide more info.

As a soccer player, I naturally have tight and bulky legs. I use alot of the hamstring, hip, and glute stretches shown on the site, but I don’t feel like Im making enough progress. Im in my 20s and still play, just not at the really high level that I used to play at.

Specifically, I want to stretch out my glutes (the top part of my butt where the small of the back is) so that I dont have such a protruding butt.

Also, I find that I have trouble getting my legs totally stright (ie: locking my knees if I wanted to) because my legs are bulky - how do I fix this? I understand this is a common problem with people with big legs but I am focused on fixing this.

Additionally, I want to lean out my legs - especially my quads, hips, and hamstrings so that pants/shorts look normal on me.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You think stretching your glutes will stop your butt from protruding?

And you have muscular legs but you want to lean them out?

And you’re a soccer god, but you can’t seem to extend your legs?

Does that about sum it up?

Bend over. PGA’s first instinct will be to stretch out your glutes.

I would think that a shit ton of running kinda like ya do in soccer would help with the “too” bulky leg thing…

Big legs help make people look powerful. You should bring your upper body up to par, then you would really look impressive.

[quote]Soccergod wrote:
…I use alot of the hamstring, hip, and glute stretches shown on the site, but I don’t feel like Im making enough progress. [/quote]

First of all, do more stretching-3 times a week, each session lasting 20-30 minutes. Concerning your hamstrings, I would stick to stretching exercises such as Standing Hamstring Stretches, Seated Hamstring Stretches (including PNF and single leg Seated Hamstring stretches), Lying Hamstring stretches (including PNF and using a towel)and seated (in a chair) hamstring stretches.

For your glutes, do some lying glute stretches (including PNF and using a wall), prone glute stretch, seated glute stretches, bent over seated glute stretches, and squatting glute stretching. As for locking out your legs, I would do standing hamstring and quad stretches for a while.

For leaning out your legs, the only reasonable thing I can think of to achieve that is to do more cardio so you can burn that extra muscle away. It’ll take quite a bit of cardiovascular (endurance) exercise, however.

sounds to me like all those years of prancing around the soccer pitch have caused your balls to climb back up inside you. Perhaps wearing heels will help with your bulky legs and protruding ass. Or, give up soccer for a few seasons and pick up rugby, football, or hockey. All your problems will be solved.