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I really need to improve my flexability, my shoulders and hips are terrible. Are there any decent articles that will show good stretches to do? I know to not to it before I lift, I was thinking I could on my off days.


You’ve opened a can of worms!

This should start you off:


In case the links don’t work, you can search for the articles here by title:

“Stretching Roundtable”
“Stretching for Strengthening” by John Paul Catanzaro
“The Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching” by Ian King.

Last article will probably answer your question the quickest. It was in issue #215 of the online magazine.

Thanks I will read them today. I know the whole stretching thing has been debated but is there a better way to gain flexability? Mine is horrible and I am getting shoulder pain as a result of it.

You can do what Danny John would tell you to do and do Overhead Squats until it isn’t a problem.

Read the Ian King article. Do the stretches before your workout. Give it at least two months. It will work! You can also look up the “Neanderthal No More” series by Cressey & Robertson. What worked for me personally was adding all the stretches from “Get Your Butt In Gear!” by the same two guys.

Honestly, if you want to see a different, write it in as part of your training and take 15 mins to do all the reps and holds, just as you would for regular weight exercises.