I would like to learn more about stretching. What books are good to read?

My goal is to be injury free, and also to loosen up my traps. I use computers a lot, and my trap and neck area is always stiff.

Check out some of Pavel Tsatsouline?s books on stretching. He has 2 or 3 out.

I would get either one of pavel’s book (relax into stretch is the best, get all three if you can) and kurz bookz/videos.

Check out the Mattes Method or AIS - (Active Isolated Stretching)

Check out
The Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching

Enough there to get you started.


I tried various stretching methods for my neck and upper traps to no avail. Being a student I spend a lot of time in front a computer and hovering over books.

Eventually I got some ART done on my neck and traps and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for them.

I had a question about stretching. Do you guys stretch before and after workouts? I read somewhere that stretching before working out is not needed. Just some type of warm up for the body part being worked and stretching afterwards. What’s your guys and gals take?


I have the above-mentioned Relax Into Stretch book by Pavel. It’s good.

Stretch everything. Chronically tense neck and traps could be caused by tight hip flexors and pecs. Just stretching neck and traps won’t necessarily fix the problem.

When a muscle is stubborn, go get ART. It is amazing.

I personally believe that stretching before a workout can be good for those who are prone to skipping it when placed at the end of a workout. Otherwise I’d recommend post-workout stretching or stretch on a different day.

I got ART before, and it doesn’t help my traps. It helps my shoulder though, I’m not in pain anymore, but I haven’t got back my full ROM.

My therapist told me that it’s normal to be tight on the traps. I don’t like that answer.

I’m kinda tight on money right now, but I’ll look at Relax into Stretch. Thanks…

kurnia38 to increase ROM on a body part using static stretches the stretching must be done away from lifting. If you lift at night, stretch in the morning. If you lift in the morning stretch at night. Stretching after a workout only increases blood flow to the body section thats being stretched. It will NOT increase ROM. It primarily used for recovery factors. Stretching before a workout is only used to warm up the muscles. A study was done that showed only one millimeter difference between a group that stretched before working out and ones that did nothing. Stretching before has also showed no reduction in a persons risk of injury. To add to that, the only people that MAY benefit from pre-workout stretching are the really inflexible ones. With that being said, a warm up set or two or dynamic stretching is the best and most efficient way for a person to go.

Where can I read more about dynamic stretching?

About stretching has to be away from training, well good for me I guess… I hate stretching before or after workout. When I stretch before workout, I feel so sleepy during the workout. After the workout, I’m so drained that I got no energy to stretch anyways.

I’m planning to stretch on my off days after a 5 mins cardio. Does that sound good?

Dynamic stretching is just like regular static stretching but its done with reps. Say you’re doing a pec/door stretch, instead of holding the stretch you’ll move into the stretch and release the stretch in under 5 seconds. Thats one rep. So into the stretch in under a count of 5 then release, into the stretch for a count of 5 then release. Do about 10 reps per body part, hit the othe side then repeat. Do 2 sets for each part. Don’t jerk the stretch back and forth and dont take too long during the rep. Push into the stretch in under 5 seconds then release. You can do this with any stretching motion that you’re used to. Mimicking a workout motion or sport movement without any added resistance using the 5 second rule would constitute a dynamic stretch. Each time you do the stretch try increasing the ROM. This is the BEST method for readying (sp?) for a workout or a game.