Anybody know where I can get some pictures or info on stretching. I just got a new client who has a lot of problems with her lower back. She also has scoliosis. Any advice would be appreciated , thanks.

ian king has an article here, just put it in the search engine. i think its called the lazy mans guide to stretching

Ian Kings Lazy Mans Guide to Stretching is good as is Coach Davies in Renegade bodybuilding, the search engine should easily find both.

Tony, you should learn PNF stretching. It’s far more effective, and since it’s hands on, your client is less likely to skip the stretching portion of her training.

From a Personal Training standpoint, it’ll give you an advantage since you have something more to offer other than simply showing someone how to do static stretches, which arent as effective.

Obviously since she cannot do PNF stretching by herself, it may mean more business to you, and I know individuals who purchase Personal Training for nothing else but the PNF stretching that we do. This is just from the business standpoint obviously. From a client’s perspective you’re offering something more effective and hands-on. If you put her on a stretch table she’ll be very relaxed and enjoying herself as you PNF stretch her. She’ll love it.