I’ve just read Pavels Relax Into Stretch. I was wondering how much stretching you guys do if any at all?

I tend to do about 20 mins after a workout. I think I’m going to add an extra day at the gym, do 10 mins of easy cv to get warm then go for long stretch session.

I stretch for 10-15 mins pre-workout. I find this is the most important time for me, because if I don’t I usually injure my shoulders (on an upper body day) or groin (leg day).

Post-workout stretching is often minimal on my part, but on rougher days I do it in short stints throughout the day instead of one long bout post-workout.

acording to Pavel and others more frequent and smaller sessions are better then few long ones.

I do joint mobility exercises in the morning and stretch for 10-15 minutes after each workout. I use the stretching program that Coach Davies goes over in his books.

Mike Mahler

I stretch every morning for about 15 minutes starting even before I get out of bed. Started doing them because of back pain about 10 years ago and have not been bothered since. unless I don’t do my stretches! Some mornings I don’t feel like it but I do them anyway because various body parts start whining if I don’t. before lifting I always warm up. usually 10-15 min of cardio. Stretches don’t tend to work as a warmup for me.

I stretch very frequently. 15 min before and sometimes up to a half hour after. On leg days I REALLY stretch out. Doing almost 45min before I hit the squat rack and another 30 min post. I feel that it has made a difference in how I feel overall.

pavel is fuckin awesome!!! I started doin his strecthes 3 times a week, but now i’m down to once, maybe twice. it depends on my body, but i,ve down tons of stretching philosophies and his is the best

I stretch for 15 or so minutes after a workout. I mostly stretch my lower body, especially my hamstrings since they are the most prone to shortening. I stretch my chest and back inbetween some of my sets during my workout.

there are a lot of ppl doing pre-stretching.

i have heard of a debate about the reduction of maximal force in a muscle through pre stretching.

have any of you heard or know more about this?


I’ve heard about this too. I’m not sure, because though it makes sense that having tenser muscles would potentially allow for greater maximal force, I’m not sure whether the increased blood supply to the muscle that would be the result of stretching would be more advantageous. Also, I find that flexibility and full ROM is important for developing the stabilizers which contribute to maximal force.

These are just personal thoughts. I’m curious to find out if anyone has read any good studies.

If I stretch, it’s never done before. My performance sucks if I do it before I train (unless I am stretching antagonists).

Hey all,
I find that doing dynamic stretching before my workout(after a sl. warm-up) and between sets helps and do static after the whole workout. I also have started doing more frequent dynamic stretches on my “trouble” joints about 3-4 times a day. So who knows, we’ll see.

As for increased blood flow, that’s what warming up is for.

Well, flexibility is required in my training…but, that being said…I usually do about 10 before…maybe 10 during and 15-20 after. But to stay flexible I stretch comfortably whenever possible…at the beach, playing PS2 or Xbox, watching TV, some at work…I’ve attemped to make stretching a part of life too…

Is that too “soapbox” for anyone?