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I found this article and thought some might be interested:


This is no big deal. What about stretching to achieve specific joint angles? What about to relieve knee pain from tight quads? This study was really dumb. What kind of stretching routine was that? How bout doing an extensive stretching routine and then looking at ALL the possible benefits.

Hey, does anyone here know the benefits of stretching antagonists in between sets? So, if you were doing leg curls, you stretch your quads between sets. I’m actually arguing with a guy about this on another forum (waaaaaay too much time on the net).

Anyway, my refutation is "bullshit," but I was thinking something to back it up might be nice. On the other hand, info to the contrary is fine, too.


Bro, I know what your sayin’. I certainly didn’t want it to read as though I thought it was interesting. I just thought it might lead to a constructive debate.

What a crock of shit. The study actually did show that the stretching group had less injuries. Not a lot, true, but then one twenty-second static stretch per muscle is hardly a lot of stretching.

Maybe if the recruits had stretched even more, they would have had even less injuries. This study was poorly done.

I have also heard that stretching an antagonist will allow the agonist to work more efficiently. Ive got no idea how it was explained to me but it could be a form of recipricol inhibition.
if there is any effectmy bet is that it is likely to be minimal
good luck with the debate

The way I read the study, stretching, even for a miniscule 20 seconds a muscle, for a grand total of two minutes (whoopee!) reduced injuries by 10% versus not stretching. All I know is that my shoulder feel A LOT better since I started stretching. I’m not sure what they mean by “injuries” but most of the problems I ran into by not stretching is just nagging pain that slowly creeps up on you.