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Stretching With Sore Muscles

Here’s the problem.

(Especially with legs)
You just trained quads or hams a day or two ago, and you go in for your next training session, but those muscle groups are still ridiculously sore (like that immobilizing kind of sore).

You go to stretch prior to your workout, but even moving these muscles is excruciating.

Is it better to leave the sore muscles alone?

Should you stretch them as normal anyway?

Should you stretch them, but lightly?

I experienced this on Sunday from my leg workout Friday and cardio session Saturday. I was unsure of how to handle it. I only just started stretching and doing similar sorts of exercises and warmups six months ago after years of getting tighter and tighter and feeling worse and worse. That warmup session I decided to stretch the bigger muscles, but not as hard as I normally would.


ive always stretched when im really sore because i felt it helped with relieving doms

i have no idea if there is any truth to it, but whatever, its what ive always done. hurts so good

stretch them…yes it will be uncomfortable.

I have always found stretching them the day of the the exercise, before DOMS has a chance to set it works best and helps with the extreme soreness in the following day(s). So even if you are tired as shit the same day set 10 mins aside for some quality stretching.

Thats after the exercise btw.

i use the DC (doggcrapp) training method and that involves what they referred to as extreme stretching after each exercise which is beast but yet very effective i think

what im getting at here is stretch anyway pal

To the_dean,

Do you find you’re more rarely immobilizing-ly sore doing this? I’ve thought about trying it. I’ve only tried the triceps stretch.

My question is more based on how to handle these muscles when you’re not training them (because you just did previously) and are going through regular stretching routines.

i remember when i first started these stretches i was incredibly sore (which i liked) BUT its still pretty harsh the 1-2 maybe 3 days after but i can still function to get through my next work out…so yeah i do find that im less likely to be in an “immobilizing” state but still get my beautifull soreness and gains blah blah blah etc

work with with your stretches and see how you get on with it