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stretching while cold?

is there any point in stretching while cold?
it kinda feels more like the tendons are stretching rather than the muscle…but im keen to increase my flexability and dont really want to warm up to stretch while watching tv at night

You back in the city lazy, good stuff, another year of fun university.
Most recommendations I have seen go on about doing some sorta warmup, but as for research, who knows.

I read somewhere that the only time one would stretch without a warm up is if there occupation required it. I cant think of one off the top of my head at the moment but the article had examples. Warming up makes the muscles more pliable and the stretch more effective.

You can stretch when you are cold but i hghly reccomend warming up for a few minutes, six is plenty, either jumping rope , a bike or treadmill. You will see an immediate difference in how far down you can stretch. I would sometimes see a 3-4inch difference in my chinese splits simply by warming up first.