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Stretching the IT bBand?

how do you stretch the IT band


You’re better off foam rolling it.


Sit in a chair put your left ankle over your right knee, push down on your left knee and this will do it. Also you can put your right foot forward like in a lung and left knee on a pad on the ground raise left foot up against wall or chair and then twist to your right. I don’t know if that makes anysense, but it stretches both the hip flexor and the IT band. Good stretch.

What Matt said, foam roller, better yet use a piece of pvc pipe, that’s what i do and that was reccommended by Eric Cressey when i went to see him.

I’m gonna guess that you also have tight hamstrings, so make sure you stretch those. (good one is try and touch your toes, but keep and arch in your back so you don’t stretch your back instead)

Also, massage your IT Band when you stretch. You’ll probably feel some “good pain.”

Take care of this problem, or you’ll end up with some nasty knee pain (I know from experience).