Stretching Study

Did anyone else catch up with this story? We have ebough debate here about pre v post workout stretching and then this comes along.
"A new study claims stretching before or after exercise doesn’t prevent muscle soreness or reduce risk of injury. Australian researchers reviewed seven studies on the effect of stretching on exercised muscle.
They found stretching before or after reduces soreness by less than 2% - too small to make it worthwhile.
Meanwhile, data from army recruits showed muscle stretching prevents an average of just one injury every 23 years.

Rob Herbert, of the University of Sydney, who has published his findings in the BMJ, says the results are contrary to what many athletes and coaches believe and what is common practice.
However, Professor Clyde Williams, of Loughborough University’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, said post-exercise stretching maintains flexibility and may indirectly help avoid injury.
But he added: "In some ways I am not surprised that pre-exercise stretching has not been of value.
“Most people who advise on safe exercise these days don’t promote it - it has been a fairly recent development.”

Story filed: 00:24 Friday 30th August 2002
What it didn’t put in tho was the abridged conclusion from the study which is below.
“Conclusions: Stretching before or after exercising does not confer protection from muscle soreness. Stretching before exercising does not seem to confer a practically useful reduction in the risk of injury, but the generality of this finding needs testing. Insufficient research has been done with which to determine the effects of stretching on sporting performance.” Well all I know is that stretching sure as heck makes my muscles less sore increases my ROM and I’m not going to stop.

Everyone stop stretching right now. It will be just one more action in a long list of actions, that I take to ensure my great margin of victory. I love to take the 88 lb Kettle Bell and do a Good Morning on the floor with legs practically in the splits and touch my nose to the floor. I guess if you are a pussy and you don’t do lifts like Sandow Presses and Windmills you don’t need to be able to touch your head to your knees or do the splits. People that don’t stretch very simply have a LOW TOLERANCE TO PAIN. They have not yet realized that stretching is a postive pain you inflict on yourself you ensure you are strong enough to handle pain something else might inflict on you.

forget about it! stretch (plenty) and do plenty of warmups!

What sport are you training for/participating in, and where are you located?

By the way, weren’t you gonna start some dark renegade web site? Whatever came of that? Sounds like you have a lot of great info to share with us fellow brothers.

Personally I do very little STATIC stretching. On the other hand, I do perform a fair amount of DYNAMIC stretching with gradually progressive weights as part of my warmup. I believe the conclusions reached concern only static stretching.

I am convinced tight hamstrings predispose one to pulls. There is also the issue of maintaining balance between opposing muscle groups. Beyond that, I just wouldn’t feel right not stretching for a few minutes every workout. It’s just part of it. I hate feeling tight, and it seems as though it takes less energy to get through my day when I am good and flexible.

Why, I am in the best place on earth of course…Orange County, where women think jumping up and down on your heart and shopping is exercise, where spoiled children run ammuck in SUVs and BMWs, where highschools have letterman in Playstation, Oh, and where the training oportunities are truly limitless, where Renegades Roll Deep and stay on the creep. I train for football, but I will tell you what…All of my clients train Renegade style, whether they are rehabing from an accident, or getting off from their 9-5 job.
The websit is coming, infact I read your post and called my webmaster and woke his ass up and told him the people need us. I won’t break the website til it is way beyond your expectations and considering all the shit I talk on this site that is saying a lot. The guys who are working on it have full time jobs as well as being Renegades. We are on it. You play Hockey right? Did you see the Ducks Roster? I bet you can pick the Renegade. It ought to be obvious.

I am in OC also, and yes I am training for hockey. I haven’t seen the Ducks roster, not a big fan of theirs. They have a Renegade onboard? If so, that should make them a playoff contender alone.