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Stretching & Squating Questions

I just started working out seriously again about a month and a half ago, I waited awhile to ask these questions because I wanted to make sure I’d stick with it. I am sticking with it so here are my questions.

Stretching seems important, but I have very little idea how to do it. Are there stretches more geared towards certain types of lifting patterns? or are they one type fits all? I’m mostly doing compound lifts, is there a certain type of stretching I should focus on?

Next is squatting, I feel like I am doing it wrong. I’m 6’3 and 345lbs, I have long limbs and a long torso. I’m finding that I need to adopt a very wide stance in order to do anything resembling a real squat, I also can’t go ass to ground, I can get my shoulders about to where my hips are in height but any lower than that and I lose my balance.

A general concern I’m having is that my right side is about an inch and a half lower than my left side, this is causing difficulty in racking weights and I’m also worried that the difference might cause muscular imbalances down the road. any suggestions or knowledge about this kind of thing would be greatly appreciated.



You should probably definately go see somebody about that…

  1. Stretch your entire body AFTER you train, except for maybe hip flexors, which can be done before also. Read ‘Ian King’s Lazy Man’s guide to Stretching’.

  2. Most tall people need a wider stance to squat, and going deep, whether narrow or wide stance, requires forward leaning, or you will fall over backward. At 6’3, you should utilise a wider stance, and get familiar with sitting back and down.

3)At 345 lbs, you would have a very high bodyfat, and I guess you may not have perfect posture. If one of your shoulder girdles is lower than the other, read the Neanderthal No More series and Shoulder Savers. Lots of information in there. DO not aggravate your shoulder,etc with extra weight if you have postural problems. Fix those first.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies, datta that was exactly the sort of information I was looking for, I had someone in the gym tell me that squatting with a wide stance is dangerous and can lead to the knees snapping under pressure, I took it with a grain of salt but better safe than sorry.

At 345lbs I am at a high percentage of body fat, I’ve not had a measurement done in many many years but I’d wager it’s high 30’s. This is the primary reason I have started working out, I’d like to get to a safe body fat percentage and be more healthy.

Thanks again, I’ll start reading those now.

Squatting: I’m 6’3" too. For me, my legs are about shoulder width, maybe a little bit more. It took me 4 workouts to train the flexibility to go to full depth. Before, I would put weights under my heels. You’re probably fine just going to parallel.

Stretching: I actually didn’t get anything out of the ‘Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching’. What I’ve found effective is to statically stretch the given muscle group I worked that day.

Example, on squat or deadlift day, I’ll stretch my hamstrings and quads for about a minute each side after my workout. It both feels good after a workout and decreases my recovery time.

Good luck. It’s great to hear you asking questions and sticking with it.