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Stretching Simplification Help?

After reading the stretching round table and taking 4 advil to subdue the technical migrane that followed, I have come to the realization that I know shit about stretching.

I need some help simplifying it (read dumbing it down) so that an english major can understand the difference between dynamic and static stretching.

I understood from the roundtable that certain stretching actually minimizes strength and leaves you vulnerable to injuries, yet other types of stretching are benificial. I was wondering if someone could explain, with examples, the differences between the two and also when to use them and for how long?

thanks in advance,

Read M.R.'s and E.C.'s “Get Your Butt in Gear” article for a list of dynamic stretches. These are to be done before your workout while static stretches (holding a stretch w/o movement for a prescribed time) are better for after your workout.

Hope this helps,