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Stretching routine

I am looking to put together a stretching routine to get myself back into top notch goaltending form (hockey), I am kinda ignorant on the subject and was wondering if some of the pros could help me on the situation.
PS What is the consensus on stretching as far as muscle gains go, I am 180-185@10percent right now, want to be 195-200@6percent by June…

Do a search on this site for “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching.” www.elitefts.com also has 3 books on stretching.

Static stretching is fine, but dynamic range of motion is better. Since I have been using Coach Davies’ program my flexibility (especially in the hips) has increased dramatically. I suggest you check out renegadetraining and contact Coach Davies.

Actually, I just got done with Renegade bodybuilding a couple of weeks ago, really liked it, I incorporated some of it into my maintnence routine while doing great guns, but coach davies if you have any tips on knee/hip/ankle/groin flexibility Id much appreciate it. Thanks.

PS, any tips on improving hand/eye cord. Besides
video games? hah

Glad to have another goalie on here!

Anyways, here are some good hand/eye drills:

1) Take a ball, tennis ball or something similar, and put your catcher on. Throw the ball off of a wall and catch it. Focus on following the ball into the catcher and try to catch it in the pocket. Repeat with the blocker. Make sure you watch it hit the blocker. When you get good at this buy a reaction ball and try it with that, it gives random bounces so you never know where it is going.

2) This drill is great for improving your visual acuity. Get a thin foam board and punch 5 holes in it in different locations. Place straws in the holes so that the straw is sticking out of the foam. Hold the foam at arms length with your off hand, and with your strong hand hold a sharpened pencil. Now try to stick the pencil in each hole one at a time. I think you will find it harder than it sounds. You can also number each straw and have someone spout out random numbers between 1 and 5.

Those should get you started. BTW, why do you want to gain so much weight? How serious are you about your goaltending? I am 5'10" 170 right now at 9% bf.