Stretching Routine?

Hi guys, i’m thinking of implementing a daily stretching+band routine to help my joints and muscles.

i have tricep pains (aches on and off due to prior muscle tear), a hurt right shoulder (gives problems with dips), bad knees (patella misaligntment according to the specialist, hurts also from time to time), right ankle pain also from time to time. All of them are chronic pains, on and off. so i still lift and do my conditioning.

So i’m thinking i should be doing work mainly for my shoulders,hips,knees and ankles.

so far i’ve got:

  1. Cossack Squat Stretch: Long Adductors(2 sets of 30 seconds each leg)
  2. Saigon Squat Stretch: Short Adductors(Hold this stretch for 10-15 long, deep breaths)
  3. Glute/Hip Rotator Stretch: Lateral hip rotators & Glutes(Perform 2 sets of 60 seconds each leg)
  4. Hip Flexor Stretch(Perform 5 sets of 5-10 seconds each side.)
    ***above 4 from Joe D’s Hamstring-Healin’ Static Stretch Routine!

5)band pull throughs, 5x10
6)band pull aparts, 5x20
7)band stomps, 3x10
-self stretch to cool down.

anything more i could add? or improve on?

***stuff i’m doing currently to help ease the pain:
-wear knee, ankle(only when i’m playing basketball, try not to wear all the time), elbow sleeves. + wrist straps(not the lifting straps)

  • doing more glute work (mainly rdls)

-lifting with proper technique, elbows tucked, knees out, hips back etc.

-staying away from lifts that give me pain i,e dips and lunges