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Stretching Paradox


Hello there

So basically every time i stretch my hips & hip flexors (to get a better positioning at sumo & help APT) the next day they will feel tighter. If i do them a couple of days in a row, after some point they get even worse than when i first started, as in less flexibility. It kinda feels similar to scar tissue, inhibiting movement, but i don't stretch that vigorously though, any suggestions?


This can happen when you attempt to create mobility at one side of a joint without then laying down strength and stability on the other side and at adjacent joints.

Complement your stretching with glute, hamstring, and abdominal work. The kind of abdominal work that would work best in this case would be anti-extension exercises such as dead bug variations, planks (DONE CORRECTLY), bird dogs, etc.


X2 Came here to say this.


How exactly are you stretching? Do you use foam rollers? They seem to work for me, along with heating and cooling.


Thanks a lot for the responses

I think this is beyond foam rollers, i really want to open my hips so i can have a better sumo pull. I'm relatively flexible there but just want to be super flexible, if it makes sense

I basically try to spread my legs and sit on my inner thighs/groin (rocking frog?) and the classic one leg on sofa hip flexor stretch.

Hmm i dont do static stretching before lifting (potential of loosing strength) but i'll figure something Trevor.