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Stretching Overactive Muscles?

I was wondering about this today.

Ive often heard to stretch your hip flexors before squatting or deadlifting, to target the glutes and hams better. This is supposed to “turn-off” the hip flexors, allowing you to better work the actual target muscles.

Does anyone do this for other muscles?

For example, when doing rowing movements, my biceps seem to be taking the brunt of the work, and fatigue much before my back muscles do. Would stretching my biceps before working out make my back to more of the work?

Also, my traps are overworked and tight. I was thinking of stretching them at the beginning of every workout to prevent them from getting further stress thats not needed.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Thanks bushy. Very informative.

But I remember reading somewhere on here in a stretching article, that static stretching before working out will have a relaxing effect in which the muscles are less excitable. Is this a local phenomenon or more due to total body CNS inhibition?

Thanks again.