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Stretching & Mobility

Ever since i got into strength training (specifically strongman) i’ve neglected all the stretching and mobility stuff. I never stretch after any of my workouts and only do dynamic stretching before my work outs (sometimes i don’t even stretch at all).

Recently i’ve been trying to stretch more and need tips on stretching / mobility routines pre and post workout.

I might even dedicate my “rest days” to do 1 hour of stretching.

P.S i haven’t gotten any injuries from not stretching.

Also, is it really that important?

Rolling everything with a lacrosse ball and foam roller. DeFranco’s agile 8. Those will cover you pretty well.

I know what you mean about never getting any injuries from not stretching, but that’s sort of how it works. You never “need” it until it’s too late. It is important to keep your muscle tension balanced how it should be. Over tightness in one area may not cause injury or even pain, but it is probably robbing you of maximal strength, and nobody wants that.

I perform zero mobility work and stretching. I’ve honestly never seen a need for it, despite how much I hear that I need to do it.

But that’s just me.