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Stretching make the Muscle being Stretched Weaker?


simple question


Simple answer: No.

Complex answer: static stretching has been show to inhibit strength/explosive activity of muscles, though to a very small degree, when done immediately prior to activity.

So if one is trying to justify not stretching because it will make them all around weaker, then they are horribly mistaken. If one prefers to not stretch a specific muscle immediately prior to an exercise/activity that will utilize that muscle, then it can be debated, though I still feel that the benefits from stretching the muscle will far outweigh any possible small decrease in muscular output.


Good question kiddo.
Is there any particular reason you ask this question?
Personally I feel stretching and mobility is important before I do my work outs. Saying that I wouldnt static stretch for a long period of time before that muscle lifts some heavy ass weight. For example I wouldnt hold a 5 minute static hamstring strecth before doing straight leg deadlifts. I would stretch the muscle intensley 12-18 hours before I lift, and maybe a 2 sets of 20 seconds just before i lift.
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k, thanks, i am going to stretch my quads and hip flexors on a daily basis to fix my anterior pelvic tilt problem