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Stretching Low Back

Curious to know what you are all doing to stretch your lower back, glutes and hams. Mine are extremely tight and causing me some annoying lower back pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Probably more from your hams than your glutes. Look for you rhyperextension station or a really good ham stretch is to

lay next to an open door or other protruding wall. Get your butt about equal to the opening and extend your leg up the wall. Go for the tight feeling right up your ham. Then try to flatten out your opposite leg to get a full stretch.

i’m not a stretching expert but here r a few:

-modified hurdles
(or just touch ur does standing up)
-sit on the floor w/ straight legs and move them as far apart as u can, then reach for each foot with the opposite hand on both sides.
-leg swings (for dynamic stretching)

low back pain could be also caused by ur hip flexor being tight as well, theres a few articles on that