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Stretching Legs of Titan Boxer Briefs?


hi guys, i am a powerlifter, and I want to wear titan boxer single ply briefs underneath my boss suit, I lift in a double ply fed. Now The briefs are very tight, size 40 I weigh 210lbs atm compete in 200lb class (90ks), but its nearly going on, jsut the legs need to stretch about 1 cm more so it can go up my legs.

Everytime I try them on they stretch so every time go up further and further. However can I use a football and a pump to stretch out the legs, and how easy and how long does it take thank you.


I used a car jack to stretch the legs on my Boss briefs. Just jacked it up and let it for a until morning.


dou have suit sliders?


yeah have slip ons, i been using a football and pump to make legs bigger, and its been working, tired so will try briefs out tomorrow, ill let you guys know should go on its nearly there!