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Stretching Last Bottle of MAG-10


I have one bottle of the Legacy formula. Plus 20 caps of regular MAG-10.
Obviously, I want to make it last as long as possible. I thought up two ways:

MAG-10 x 6 / day Mon / fri, with weekends off till its gone. This would get me 3 weeks.

MAG-10 x 6/day Mon/fri for a week, then Alpha Male for a week, then back on MAG-10 til gone. This would get me 6 weeks.

I am unsure. however, whether 1 week of MAG-10 is enough to make a difference.

I should point out that I will start this after 3 weeks of Alpha Male, so my t levels should be up there.


mate I wouldn't think that jsut one week of MAG-10, or anything, is enough to make a difference. I reckon you have two choices, use it all up in the one week. or hold off until you start another cycle and add it to the end.


There's a third way ... why not send the bottle to me and I'll hold onto it for you? That will make it last as long as possible ... no really, I won't take it. :wink:

(sorry about the hijack)


I think I have this figured out. I went back and found the original posts just after MAG-10 legacy was released. CY says that despite the label, you can take 5 / day - not 10 as the label says on my bottle. Sounds correct, as it was supposed to be twice as effective as the old Mag-10, and I had good results way back when with 6 / day of the old Mag-10. So, i can do this:

3 wks AMale to get ready.
2 wks Mag-10 Legacy @ 5/day
2 wks AM
2 wks Mag-10 Legacy @ 5/day, then old Mag-10 5/day for 4 days
2 wks AM

This will give me nearly 3 months, and should be enough to get me where I want to be.

I must confess a simmering anger at my gov't. I often tell people that those inside the beltway do not answer to us, but rather to $$$$ for campaigns.

This could not be any clearer than in the current situation re: supplements vs prescription drugs.

While effective supplements are banned, obstensively to protect the sheeple from their own stupidity, the FDA approves a LOT of things that are later proven to injure and even kill people.


I'd use the older MAG-10 formula prior to the Legacy formula.


Why? To end with a bang? I figured the less intense older formula would be a taper-off.