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Stretching Hip Flexors and Bruising


Hi all,
Iâ??ve been dealing/fixing my anterior pelvic tilt (APT) which had caused too much lower back pain over the last year or so. One factor Iâ??m treating are my short/tight hip flexors, which Iâ??ve been stretching in various ways. Iâ??ve been using a foam roller to stretch/massage my hip flexors and also been doing the â??kneeling hip flexor stretchâ?? and variations of it.

At first I felt the effects of the foam roller and the kneeling stretch, but recently I noticed that Iâ??m much more flexible (which is goodâ?¦ I guess) and I donâ??t get/feel the same stretch when I do these exercises.

Therefore, I couple of days ago, while doing the kneeling stretch I used my hands/knuckles to massage the hip flexor while being stretchedâ?¦ It felt tight due to the stretching and a bit lumpyâ?¦ as I massaged away I felt the same way as when I first used the foam roller. It was a bit painful but tolerableâ?¦.

It felt pretty sore afterwards and by the next morning it had blown out into huge bruises. Iâ??m not in pain at all; they are just a little sensitive when I massage them. Iâ??m just concerned about the bruising. Is this normal????

Iâ??m gonna do this again today, but Iâ??ll take it easy since they are pretty sensitive to the touch.

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated.




I wouldnt stress over it pal.
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