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Stretching for Strengthening, Part 2

John Paul,

Excellent article. Your material has come a long way since I started reading T-mag, and I felt some compliments were due your way.

Anyway, I have to read through both parts of the article in more depth, but I do have a question regarding one of the recommendations:

You wrote that static stretching for longer than 15 seconds creates hypoxic conditions. This goes against conventional teachings to a degree and I was hoping you could clarify, 1) what did the study(s) classify as a static stretch and (2) how did they find that there was a hypoxic state in the muscle being stretched?

Also how was it determined that scar tissue is created when performing static stretching for longer than an hour?

These particular points tend to conflict my training system considerably, so any discussion or clarification would be much appreciated.

I appreciate your time, thanks very much.