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Stretching for splits

Does anyone have tips or advice for a girl trying to gain flexibility in the splits arena? This applies especially for the middle splits. I am interested in doing fitness competitions but can’t even think about it until I get more flexible.

Get a copy of “Relax into Stretching” or “Beyond Stretching” by Pavel Tsatsouline. A few of his ideas are a little screwy, but for the most part he offers some pretty good techniques for gaining flexibility quickly.

Check out stretching books by Pavel Tsatsouline and Matt Furey.

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Go with Pavel’s method, it works for full splits. Keep your toes pointing up (this puts less stress on the knees), and ‘push the walls apart’ with your feet. When you reach the limit of your flexibilty tense up and breath shallow for a minute or two, then breath out in a sigh of releif and push your feet out out further. Check the position of your hips. Make sure your feet and hips are in line. Good luck

Timbo: I concurr.

I’d just add that you can also check out Thom Kurtz book “Stretching Scientifically” by Stadion publishing as well. Good luck, all the details are covered between Tsatsouline and Kurtz.

Another vote for Kurz’ book, which is excellent.

Thanks all for the advice. I will get books from those two authors and check them out. Let you know how it goes!

1)Breathing is the most important part.

Take yourself to the point where you naturally need to take in a deep breath.
Release and take it a little deeper.
But try to use your breath to increase the stretch.

2)There is nothing like a deep Glute massage to open up your hip flexors!

If you are quite stiff
To start…
Try stretching in a hot tub or sauna to increase you ability to relax…Best after your body has warmed up with Cardio. Say 10min of cardio, stop stretch, 10 more min, stop stretch, you will be amazed at how fast you will respond.
Be patient with your self it will come.
One more thing, while holding the stretch use one hand and massage the area that is resisting release. i.e. hip flexor, glute, hamstrings.
This will increase mind muscle nerve connection.
Hope that helps :0)

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