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Stretching/Etc. Basic Question

So currently my warm-up consists of a few light sets of the first exercise I do and at the end I statically stretch the muscle I worked that day (occasionally I don’t do that).

I’ve been blessed with just very occasional and minor injuries, but I don’t want to push my luck too far. Could anyone point me to any good (free?) resources for a good basic warm-up and stretching routine that is good from experience to be injury-free and develop good flexibility?

Any article search (as well as my reading of Waterbury’s, Thib’s and Ian King’s ebooks) gives a very scattered as well as disparate recommendations, so I really don’t know where to start

At the risk of pimping this DVD too much I recommend Magnificent Mobility which is on this site for sale. Some people recommend what you are currently doing, others recommend just jogging for 5 minutes, others say dynamic stretching, etc. For me dynamic stretching works great and the MM DVD has been a big help. It could be just coincidence but I haven’t had any injuries since I started dynamic stretching.