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Stretching: Dynamic, Static, etc...


I am new to T-Nation as a member but I have been reading the columns for a while now. I think I have some understanding on lifting but when it comes to STRETCHING I am so LOST! Some people talk about so many different types of stretching and people disagree and when do do which one that it is driving me crazy.

Even when I search for stuff about it it just makes things worst. I have considerable problems, I would say, when it comes to range of motion. I have a hard time deadlifiting from the floor and I know I could deadlift a lot more If I had a better form which is inhibited by flexibility. I cant come even close to touching my toes without bending at my knees. I did a physical evaluation at my university (which I think are very deficient but..) and when it came to stretching I didnt even figure in their charts I think they extrapolated the data and I was somewhere in the 4th or 5th percentile. As most of you can imagine this is really affecting my lifting.

When I do a regular squat I can barely grab the bar since the hand position really kills my shoulders...yes its that bad. That is why I prefer front squats.

That exercise, thats some people call the stick-up, where you lean your back against a wall and place your arms against the wall as well and reach for the sky and then bring them back down, I cant do it. Most of the time my arms can touch the wall.

So in light of my condition I need help. I was mainly searching for a program that has been already design that I could follow and also pass it to my parents that are in a lot worst condition then I am!I (one of the reasons that I decided to take stretching more seriously) have seen the mobility DVD that is advertised here but I am not sure how to put a program together for myself, that is why if someone knows of one already put together that I could start with that would be great.

I am not sure if there is a better place to post this, so I will try here.


Basic Stretchig for Bodybuilders and most other things except gymnastics = Warm Up, Dynamic Stretching, Lifting followed by cool down/relaxed stretching. if you are really really lagging in flexibility you can do relaxed stretching 4-5 times a day after a warm up. dynamic stretching should be done much less. try a flexibilty book or dvd set. would set you back about $20. anyone asking for a higher rate is full of it man. plain and simple. here are the 2 books that i use and it took me 8 weeks to get a full split and have crazy flexibility from being in about your position. i really sucked at it as well.

Stretching scientificaly and Ultimate Stretching. just google them. shouldn’t be too hard to find. i think both are on amazon as well.


Sweet thanks!


x2 on Stretching scientifically, it helped me alot.

It’s just a brilliant book, explains all the whys hows when how-much-s. Basically exactly what you are asking for.

EDIT- And foam rolling!


Eric Cressey spends a lot of time on stretching. The Maximum Strength book has a moblity routine listed for warmups, and the Magnificent Mobility DVD covers some. These exercises are more on “mobility” rather than “stretching”, but they still help with range of motion.

Is there any particular reason for your lack of stretchiness?


I cant think of any particular reason. I have always been like that. For example I dont think I have ever been able tp touch my toes.

When I started squatting some what seriously my range of motion improved some, but it is still not great. And I really feel the issue on other exercises. But to be honest I have never had a serious stretching routine or consistantly tried it. I always end up giving up cause I dont see results and I dont know if what I am doing is right. I will give some of those books a read.