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Stretching Calves for Growth

Here’s an update. Walking all day. No running nothing.

Same postion same everything.

Trust me that ain’t a pump I’ll show you a pump when I do pump them. But yeah I wasn’t lying now was I?

Thanks for the pics. But I’m struggling to see what they are showing. The tape measure isn’t going around your calf?

Hey it’s no problem bro. A promise is a promise and I know there are a lot of trolls. Consider me not one.

The previous is 17\5 inches. And like I wrote before, when I started stretching them like a mad man. I seriously liked that sick feeling. Anyways… When I walk on them they get pumped to 18s easily. If I flex them as well they will be like 18 and 2/4 or 1/4.

If you zoom in at the pictures. You will see a silver/gold metal part of the tape measure. That’s the end of measure which is 18s.

Update: Here is another pic with them flexed. Just a regular flex not a squeeze the life out them. I know that can push fake cms on the tape measure. I also moved the metal tip up to see better.