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Stretching Calves for Growth

Hello everyone. So I have always had bad calves genetics period.

Encase some wonder wtf that means. Basically means you have an abnormal time growing your calves. Besides that Calves is the slowest growing muscle out there. You got guys with 20+ arms but barely got 18 to 17 inch calves and that isn’t even contest ready…

Well like always training my calves never growing just sitting there. I remmeber training my calves everyday for a whole month straights. They barely grew 1cm… Talk about failure genetics.

Well I was sitting on my bed and noticed something werid. My right calf is bigger than my left calf.

Keep in mind I was sore but that never means anything for growth just a good claves workout.

My right was way more sore than my left. I wondered hmm let me stretch the left to give it a burn to match. Jesus Christ did it hurt. I noticed the left was way more tigher than the right.

So I stretched the left only everyday for a good week. Lo and behold my calf grew and matched my right or so close to it.

This is a reason why stretching them after is better after seeing this. They grew 3cm from all that… Ans believe me go ahead and stretch your calves. I really mean stretch it each second stretch it harder and harder. Your calves will litterly shake like crazy. Even by stretching them with weight with calves exercises… Trust me this is 100 times worse.

I am so sure that if everyone else did the samething their calves would grow better and catch up with the dominant one.

Measure both your calves, see which one is bigger. So the one that is smaller stretch that calf and only that calf for a whole week. Really stretch that calf. 3 set of 30 seconds and 5 to 6 second rest from the pain of stretch rinse and repeat.

I truly feel I will help us all no calves starving men out there. Try it out yourself. Update if it worked or not or if someone already agrees and has done it already.

The calves stretch I did: 1. Stand near a wall with one foot in front of the other, front knee slightly bent.

  1. Keep your back leg straight, your heel on the ground and lean toward the wall.

  2. Hold for 30 seconds and make sure each second you bend your head forward this will light the stretch on those like no other calvea exercise can do. You have my word this might save you guys. :+1:

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Stretching for muscle growth is a real thing, and has been well documented since the 90s and probably earlier.

It"s awesome to hear you get such good results from it!

Quick word of warning, what you’re feeling the stretch in when you bend your neck is your sciatic/tibial nerve, not the calf itself. I’d probably advise against holding sustained stretches on neural tissue. Although I doubt anything serious would happen, nerves are quite fragile and you really don’t wanna fuck with them


Yes, the stretch, and using a slow tempo are very important for calf work.

Try this, twice a week:

Standing calf raises: 2 sets of 10 + 10 partials in the bottom position, + 10 secs in the stretch postion.

Over time, gradually increase the stretching time, then the number of partials, then increase weight (calf work in project Colossus).
Crazy pump and good results


Thanks for this, will try. My calves are practicly inexistant, and nothing really made any difference…

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Sorry O forgot to mention that you ALSO lean back of your foot forward in one smooth motion. So the more you bend your head forward the more you take the back of your foot heel higher BUT make sure you are at least on your upper part of your toes not your tippy toes.

Thanks for that! I will note that for sure.

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Sorry for double post, but has anyone seen results yet? And make sure you’re eating btw I mean the calves is a muscle and needs food to grow…

An update: I have been doing it everyday until now. When I stretch my calves they don’t ache anymore. I have really stretched them to the point that I try to touch them with my heels (apply more pressure on the heels by thinking of raising them even more).

Another fun fact, my calves get a massive pump now from just walking and that doesn’t include incline treadmill on top. Just from walking for less than 10 minutes I gain half an inch of just pure blood flow. That never happened before. Before my feet just hurt and knees now it’s all calves doing all the work. Good luck all! :muscle:

ehhh. That’s not a good thing buddy

Hahaha why? The pump? Yeah it hurts a little then I put the weight on my shins then after a few minutes the calves are just numb from the walk and yeah I can get on with my day.

Because walking is supposed to be metabolically-cheap, relying on the passive rebound/stretch reflexes of your tendons and fascia. The fact you’re getting a pump from walking means the way you walk is incredibly inefficient

I just walk, I don’t have pronated feet encase you’re wondering. They’re as straight as possible but not completely straight otherwise my quads rub against each other and I get terrible underwear burns plus if I sweat it is a nightmare. So as I always have, I keep some distance from my quads. Assure you I walk the same. But ever since I stretched as I post previously. It made a world of difference. My calves are what’s hurting not my feet or knees. Just calves and shins.

It’s not to do with pronated feet, but anyways. Enjoy your stroll pumps


They’re bad man! I litterly thanked God for returning home. I’m in my bed. And omg the pump and my calves feel so dam hot as well. I’m not enjoying anything lol.

As I said I stretched them a lot and now idk what but all the blood goes straight to my calves.

Like I said… that’s not normal brother

I agree… What do you think it is? I mean my calves grew another cm as well… I’m going to start sharing pics of my calves. It can explain I’m not lying.

When I first started to stretch them everyday and I mean really stretch. A whole week I put on 3cms. Now after is like what 2 weeks now I believe and from just walking everyday and getting ridiculous pumps.

I will show as well before and after when I go for a walk. But yeah I woke up and yeah they grew again another 1cm. I have been steady bulking btw. I only eat 200 calories above my maintaince. And they’re growing I haven’t even trained them. Litterly stopped training and stretching. And here I am.

I have never been in or seen someone in this situation, but if it were me his is what I would do:

I’d probably try doing some band-assisted pogo jumps to try and regain some elasticity in my tendons and fascia.

Low dose, 2-3 sets of 5-7s sets, 1-2 times a day if possible

Can progress to normal pogos

Or replace with assisted pogos

This video shows assisted jumps, so just do pogos instead with the same set-up

Actually frank mcgrath had this issue before. And thank you I’ll give these a shot.

Stretching every muscle is good for maximum growth not only calves. I like to superset bench press with cable flies where I stretched the pecs and take it to failure (instead of taking it to true failure on bench, it is dangerous). Also incline DB curl where the biceps are really stretched has given me tremendous result

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Well an update… My calves shrunk again… I haven’t trained them in weeks now. The pump is gone. Idk what it is man. When I stretched them like a maniac… Started to like it as well. Felt like I could do the spilts when stretching the calves.

Now they shrunk. I’m about lose my ever loving mind. No bull shit bull shit BULL SHIT. I will not quit ans say genetics I jusy won’t.

I need help. I want to at least get an inch in 2 months is that possible?

Did you not promise us pictures?

For the pump after walking? Yeah I’ll do that tomorrow.

But right now I’ll upload a pic of my small calves be warned it isn’t anything special.

They are smaller when I measure them standing btw.

And no I didn’t flex them when sitting down. If I did they would be 18s. But that ia seriously cheating man.