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Stretching at Work


Just thinking about differnet stretches I can do at work: I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good stretches I can do just getting up from the desk, in particular I'm thinking about stretches for hip flexors that don't look very weird that can be done at intervals throughout the day.


I work standing all day, when I get a chance I duck behind a wall and stretch my hammies, calves, pecs and lats.

Every other stretch would put me in an embarrassing position if a co-worker walked in.


I stretch my hip flexors all the time at work. I’ll do the samson stretch, which requires putting a knee on the ground. I don’t think its too awkard. Just put a knee down the other leg at 90/90 and then push the other leg back. Try to twist in the opposite direction of the back knee, w/ back vertical.

The other one is like a bulgarian split squat w/ my leg on my chair, but do it for the stretch. Its a rotating chair and some stabilization is also taking place. This may be a little awkward considering its a company chair, but oh well.

I stretch in the doorway a lot, do band shoulder rehab, roll my traps/scapular region w/ a ball against the wall, calve stretches, and chair posture fixes, too.

My view on it is if I am a salaried employee in a career position, I give a very large amount of time to the company/business whatever. I would like to feel at home/comfortable in my office, this includes occasionally working out during the day if I make up the hours, getting loose and mobile, and whatever else, within reason, I choose to do that makes me a more complete human being, healthy, and productive worker.

If its considered weird or awkward, I don’t really give a shit, and if its disrupting the office, fire my ass, and go back to discussing what you have tivo’d and what you will spend the evenings of the week watching as my skills would probably be put to better use elsewhere.


Yeah, I have about your attitude, just in a more junior position and in an open-plan layout lol


If you have a rolling chair, putting your hands shoulder-width on the desk and rolling back the chair as far as possible is a good stretch.