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Stretching After Workout Bad


I read on the mens health that
Stretching post-workout can accentuate muscle damage and delay recovery. If you quote Jean Laroche, coach of the Canadian paralympic team.

Would this be positive muscle damage?

To stretch, or not to stretch...


I stretch before, during & after I lift.


I do dynamic stretching prior and static afterwards.


I stretch 20-30 mins before upper body w/o, and 40-60 mins before lower body w/o


I think stretching may do more good seperated from weight training. What will reduce any injury during training is making sure the muscle is warmed up with a lighter weight for the exercise you will be doing, not whether you just stretched it or not.

Stretching has been shown to decrease strength. That much is fact as far as strength training. Whether it damages muscle after training is something I haven't seen studies for.

I see many people who stretch more than they train. I think they have missed the point altogether.


I'll usually stretch my hip flexros before squatting but other than that stretching is done on off days.


What do you mean by posative? Something that would lead to super-compensation, or that there is real, measurable tissue damage, or something else all together?

I tend to separate the lifting from stretching. A little dynamic post warm up, then p.n.f. on off days.


stretching after = bad ? I dont think so.

I havent read about this but I think that stretching after will make the muscle more flexible and that it works like a "stress down thing". I cant see why it woud be bad for the muscles.




I can't find the link but I have read in a couple differnt articles that they did studies on stretching before lifting and it significantly reduced performance. Afterward was fine though.


I've been wondering about this too.

I dynamic stretch prior and during my workout. Would dynamic stretching during the workout, in between the sets, be beneficial?

It seems to keep the pump going and loosen up my joints (I do arm circles and back twists).


wait, didnt Mike Robertson say that stretching after a workout is not such a good idea as your nervous system is fired up and most likely will not be able to relax into a stretch/ also, you have already done micro damage to tissues, and stretching right after can delay recovery.. or something to that effect..





I stretch dynamically before a workout. After the workout I will use ballistic/static/PNF stretching methods.

I try to do a stretching session on it's own as well.

The best stretches occur after a long martial arts or gymnastics session.

Good nutrition will ensure good recovery, not whether or not you stretch after your workout. Thats my opinion anyway.

Prof X's point of individual stretching sessions is a good one though.


Why would anyone want to take part in an activity before training that could potentially reduce contractile strength? Is it just out of tradition? Stretching won't help prevent an injury. Warming up a muscle well before lifting heavy will.

I truly believe many people do shit simply because someone told them to do it that way once and they never questioned it.


i think i read in one of Ian Kings books that it reduced strength if done before a workout. i do it a few hours after my workout. i thought it was supposed to help with recovery???


This will answer your questions on static stretching:


As well, EC and I's "Magnificent Mobility" outlines 30 different dynamic flex stretches that you can use pre-workout as well. Be sure to check in the T-Nation/Biotest store as it should be up pretty soon.

Stay strong


I stretch pre and post workout because it feels good for my body, its just ROM stretchs before and more intense post workout, just feels great.


I've recently incoporated about 1 hour of power yoga into my workout program. I usually do this in the evenings, a few hours after weightlifting. I've noticed several benefical results including: reduced recovery time, increased flexibility, increased RMR, and I sleep like a baby afterward (less cortisol!)
My goals, however, are purely for aesthetics and peace of mind. I am not an athlete and am not interested in strength gains.