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Stretches for Where Leg Meets Hip?


I wasn't exactly sure where to put this so if the mods find a more suitable place for it feel free to move it.

i need to do some stretches or some exercise to increase the mobility of where my right leg meets the hip. I don't know what that joint or location is exactly called and thats the best way i can describe it. It doesn't hurt when i do squats but feels a bit tight and gets in the way. Can someone tell me stretches i can do to loosen the hip area up and make it more flexible?

Also, does anyone else have this same problem?
Thanks in advance,




If it's in front, it's your hip flexors. The psoas and rectus femoris are the big ones. You can do foam rolling and there's some stretches.

If it's in back, the glutes.

I have tight hip flexors and need to work on them myself. One thing I found useful is a kneeling strech where my back knee is on the ground, but my back foot is hooked up on a bench.


Thanks a lot, its my hip flexors


This may be the same as EasyRhino stated: the split squat position is great for this.

It doesn't have to be as an exercise, no barbell is needed.

The position is somewhat like a lunge but the back foot is up on a bench and you drop to where the back knee touches the floor. Adjust yourself to where you really feel the stretch. Pulling the pelvis into a more forward/upward-tilted position by contracting the lower abs and sort of thrusting forwards will help.

Searching Youtube for a video on "split squat" should show the position. Again, you can do it without the barbell and actually likely can maneuver yourself for the stretch without it.


I need to stretch the joint/part of my body that attaches to the rest of my body. Any thoughts or help?


this is the beginner forum, why are you being a smart ass?

OP, have you tried DeFranco's agile 8? it's the 3rd question down. i found #s 4,5,6, and 7 to be the most helpful in loosening up the hips.


also, trying to squat under a bar from side to side with a wide stance helps me:
1 set bar in rack
2 stand sideways next to it with a wide stance
3 duck under the bar by squatting back and shifting over, keeping head-up, chest-out stance
4 stand up on the other side and repeat

i hope that's clear? there must be a name for that exercise, but i don't know what it is.


Thanks for the responses, ill definitely check into that link grettiron. And youcallthtbass, don't you have something else to do with your life? Apparently not.


In addition to what Bill suggested, I'd start with a reverse lunge and twist (above, but I usually twist a little more sideways/diagonal and a little less "up"). 1x5-10 per leg as part of your general warm-up is a good start. The wider you can step back, the deeper the stretch will be.

Tight hip flexors are common in people who spend a lot of time sitting down (at a desk, driving a car, etc.), so the majority of people could benefit from giving them some attention.


I used to have hip mobility issues but then began working yoga into my workouts. It sounds corny if you've never done it, but I've now found yoga a great counterbalance to the tightness (including in hips) that can come with weight training. ...Just be sure and check your ego at the door because most muscular guys will be humbled next to that 105lb female waif/hottie in yoga class.

I'm not sure how the following stretches will work without proper warm-up, but you might find them helpful. Rather than attempt to describe them, look these up on Youtube or somewhere...

Pigeon pose
Revolving Beam Pose
Lizard pose


To Parsley, it should be something like above, but tweaked a bit to be sure you feel it where you're meaning to feel it. You might need your back foot more on the bench, your front foot a bit farther out from the bench, your hips pushed "through" more to emphasize the stretch, etc. (The blue pad is optional. It's just to make your back knee more comfortable.)


oh yeah, having a pad, towel, carpet, something, for your down knee is really important or my kneecap hurts.