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Stretches for Front Squating


Anyone have any good stretches you can do either before the lift or on a regular basis that will help me squat deeper or anything else that'll help with that. Educate me! I have really tight ankles and hips and try as I might I can only get mid-thigh parallel. My stance tends to be about shoulder width, toes only slightly out. Any help would be awesome.


I tried front squats out a few days ago and had the same problem, i just tried front squatting with the bar onto a low bench and gradually got lower it seemed to help doing it onto a box and then when i tried it normally i could go deep quite easily.


The best thing that I’ve been able to do to extend my squat ROM has been to squat with very low weight (40-50% of your 1RM) and just focus on going lower. I usually try this on off-days when I’m at the gym for intervals, and it really helped.

The other thing you can do is go to your gym’s warm up room (or wherever there is a floor to ceiling mirror) and just do bodyweight squats while constantly working towards going lower. Lunges, with resistance or just with bodyweight, are also very helpful as they require a lot of strength and ROM from your hip flexors, and tight hip flexors are often one of the biggest barriers that keeps you from squatting low.


Lighter weight huh? I find I have the most trouble getting depth with lighter weight. I don’t know. I’ll definitely try it. I always feel like heavier weight almost forces me deeper. Weird. As far as the ROM, I’m pretty sure its my ankles and gluts. Can you explain to me how tight hip flexors will limit ROM? It just seems counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t tight hip flexors only inhibit squating (which is basically force hip flexion eccentrically) during the later concentric phase (when you’re at the top of the lift)? That just doesn’t how I see it in my head. So what’s your reasoning?