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Stretched Biceps Tendon

I have streched my bicep tendon that connects to my elbow joint I’m assuming in my rt arm

taking ibuprofen for swelling hopefully to relieve the pain and swelling. This has greatly affected my workout. Was hoping to be benching 225 by now but hasn’t happened I was benching up to 185 and working out with it almost a year ago it had this injury kick in this time it seems worse than last time. I took some time off for hunting season and then have been going back into the gym once or twice since hunting season started. I have not been taking in the amount of protein that was. Went to the gym last night try to do chest day started out with 125 10 reps, and bumped up at 135 10 reps, I am done 155 for 6 reps, I also did some 30 lb chest presses with dumbbells 2 sets of 10. Then done two sets of 10 wide dumbbell presses with 30 lb. And I could feel my bicep getting Tighter and Tighter. So I tried stretching it out with 20 lb dumbbell preacher curls. I done two sets of 10 then went to the curl machine place the 45-pound plate on and curls one set of 10, theft at 10 pound play down and could not finish one set of 10 reps only got 6 reps in, 3 months ago I was curling a hundred pound curls with three sets of 10 I don’t know what has happened I’m just hoping to overcome this injury

Check out this band Pushdown move for shoulder stability. And this band uppercut move for the bicep. Notice how the doctor says to go slowly, with limited ROM at first. Then gradually build the up the speed and length of the motions.

These band exercises seem to work the tendons “smoothly” without the jerky-ness or “bounciness” of regular weights. They are also really easy to set up and fast to execute.

If you like that, check out these other shoulder stability moves.

According to what I read off the internet, bicep tendon problems are often caused by poor shoulder position and posture. Your bicep starts trying to support your shoulder, doing the job of your back muscles. This abuses and tightens up your bicep. When your bicep is tight, your shoulder slumps, and the cycle continues.

Thank you I’ve been doing some of these moves with 2 lbs weight definitely going to get some bands and do these just not sure how long to do them or how long it will take I’m guessing 4-5 weeks
Will schedule a deep tissue message after jan1

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I have to say, when I saw this title, this is what I pictured

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The band moves are really good. Especially the arm circles and the band uppercut.

You should definetly see improvement in 4-5 weeks. You may have keep doing some maintenance stuff as you move back into regular training.

However long it takes, it’s super worth it when your arm starts feeling better. He careful with those preacher curls.

Thank you

Lol that’s how it made me feel I was seriously feeling deafeat and scared. Thought my training days wher over