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'Stretch with Weights to Build Muscle' - What to do Before Lifting?


After reading the article I know that stretching is after a workout, and at the beginning when a lack of mobility is affecting the proper execution of a lift, but what should I do at the beginning of every workout to prepare for the heavy lifting?


Lighter lifting of the upcoming exercise to get the movement path solid, muscles warm, CNS activated, maybe?

And some activation work for key muscles in the lifts to come if you have muscles that aren’t firing optimally.

A few sets of non fatiguing jumps or throws to activate the CNS.


What types of jumps and throws should I do?


The explosive kind :slight_smile:

It can be any jumps really, vertical jump, box jump, depth jump, broad jump, single leg jumps, etc. Or any medicine ball throws… the important thing is just to be explosive


Thanks CT! This is very helpful.