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Stretch Routine, Advice Wanted

Hey all, I just wanted some advice on my current stretching regime.

I’ve read through alot of the stuff by Kurz at http://stadion.com/column.html , watching his video Stretching Scientifically, and Magnificient Mobility by Cressey and Robertson, and done some searches on this and other forums.

I’m currently training Muay Thai, and my goals are to become flexible enough in the hips/legs to be able to throw high kicks with ease. A secondary goal is being able to squat ass to grass, at the moment I can squat abit past legal powerlifting squat depth, but not enough to get olympic style, ass to grass.

Basically I do joint rotations as outlined by Kurz in stretching scientifically. Then I do 1 set each of 6-8 of the dynamic stretches from Magnificient Mobility, mostly for hips and legs. At the end I do leg raises, front, side, and back. 3 sets each legs, 12 reps, as outlined by Kurz. I do this 2 times a day.

Is there anything I should add that would improve my flexibility at a better rate, or is what I’m doing “good” to reach my current goals? Do I need static stretching at all to reach any of my goals?




That looks like a good routine. Static stretching is good after your workouts, it has many benefits that will directly and indirectly help your goals.

I’ve recently started do this yoga program - I train BJJ, and also Olympic lifting. I’ve been having some nagging knee pain that’s reduced my range of motion and causes occasional serious stiffness. One morning instead of lifting (knee hurt so badly I couldn’t squat) I decided to do this instead. I still wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t done it, but afterwards, the pain was gone.

I’m a girl, but I could never put my palms to the floor while standing before, and have seen marked improvement in the last few weeks. I’ve started incorporating some of the elements into a stretching regimen before class now, too.


BTW - there’s a chapter on the DVD that talk specifically about high kicks, too.

Grapplers Toolbox by Scott Sonnon, i’m fully convinced that man is actually a Ninja.

it’s RAPIDLY improving my mobility.

Kurz’s stuff is top notch though… I’ll check out that yoga for fighters dvd

Sonnon is the man. His “Be into Flow” rocks.

I love his Leg Fencing dvd. Made me go over a bunch of applications in my Naihanchi (that’s going to be a lot of clinchwork for the non-karate people).