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Stretch marks

Does anyone have an idea about how to get rid of stretch marks? I really hate having them and let me tell you, it’s embarassing. I heard Udo’s Oil worked for them and I also heard something about laser surgery. It is just a big letdown to realize that my hard work is going to be distracted by them. If anyone has any ideas or knows what works, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

I haven’t found any decent way to get rid of them. Luckily mine aren’t really visible (while I’m clothed anyway…). I attribute mine to the positive anabolic environment in my body (I’m not using anything), as my doc told me it was due to hormonal balance, and accused me of being on steroids… [shrug] Yeah, thanks doc! It’ll be interesting to see if they reduce when I start cutting up.

I never used any androegns before but i have an un godly large amount of stretch marks all down my arms on my legs and hips and for some reason i just got a new one one my stomach and i not even fat i dont get it i have about 10% bodyfat the first one i got when i was twelve or thirteen when i started lifting im now 18 and they just exploded since then i tried all kinds of shit to get them to go away but nothing seems to work. so i juist live with them my girlfriend doesnt mind them either so i dont really give a shit. yeah they are ugly as hell but im not gonna styop lfiting because of them. My dad also has alot of stretch marks and so does my younger brother so maybe its genetic. Also none of us are fat or obese so i doubt thats the problem.

I have stretch marks too. I know I got them from being one fat son of a gun. One thing I noticed though was when I lost the weight, about half of them disappeared and 90% of the other half became white and faded. Some were bumpy and some were white and thin on the skin as if they were just a part of it. Odds are if you work out so much that you get stretch marks, that some might be permanent. Stretch marks are usually a sign of you being “unaturally” overweight in a certain area of the body. This is probably a big problem with roid users because if you bulk up and take something that increases your muscle-building potential above anything “natural,” then odds are your skin will rip as a response. Weightlifting isn’t very natural either since I don’t think many humans needed big muscles to survive on an evolutionary scale. Maybe a good brain and hands to hunt but I mean these weren’t 500 lbs spears here guys… Cremes can reduce the site of stretch marks and fade them or make them white. But the only way for some of those “stubborn” stretch marks to go away (the ones that are permanent) is to get laser surgery which can take up to 3-5 treatments and the costs for each treatment are about $395 so if you’re willing to fork over the dough, it might help. I was told recently by another doctor however (I’m considering getting mine removed), that in order for them to do the laser surgery, they must see that your body remains in stable shape and weight for 6 months (anotherwords, if you drastically lose weight or gain it when you come back to have the procedure done, they might reject you or make you wait longer. This is what I was told, I’m not sure if there are other alternatives.). The laser surgery pretty much helps stimulate the fibers in the dermis (the red part of your skin that is under your main layer of skin (epidermus) to regrow and retach the stressed skin or something like that. I know some stretch marks can be genetic in nature. For instance, my little brother, when he was going through puberty (he was never fat by the way and has a different father than me), got huge stretch mark lines on his back which his doctor later told him was from “growing too quickly.” I know that if certain parts of your body grow too quick prior to having your skin adapt, that it will stretch it out and might cause rips in the skin. I know also that this is a common problem with bodybuilders if they pack on mass too quickly. This is especially a big problem with roid users because their gains come so quickly. I guess one word of advice I could give is to them is to start small on them and gradually increase. Be sure if you work out heavily or use steroids that you apply lotion on your skin each day. I’m not sure if that will help but it might. I don’t do roids or body-build to the extent many of you guys do so I don’t know if my advice is best in that regard either. Oh, and one other reason stretch marks can appear is due to poor nutrition, or so I’ve read. This is all I really know on the subject.

Hey fellas. From what I’ve learnt, stretch marks aren’t a result of putting on weight/fat. They aren’t actually stretch marks at all (just a myth, as most pregnant women get them, so you can see where the confusion lies…). Like I said above (I think, I can’t remember what I wrote [rolls eyes]) it’s to do with the hormonal environment inside your body. So if you notice you’re starting to get the marks (which start read and apparently go white with time) then it’s an indication of a good, anabolic environment that’s been created by you. You’ll probably equate all this with a period of good growth. And in the end, as long as I’m getting bigger (not fatter!), there’s no way in hell I’ll stop lifting!!! Cheers.

I answered a question like this in Reader Mail a couple of months back. A search at T-mag should bring it up.

Anyone actually had that laser surgery? I would love to get the marks on my stomach removed. They are faded now and not very obious, but dang, I’d love to have them gone. If you’ve had the surgery, would you tell me your experience?