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Stretch Marks!?


Ok wtf...I have HUGE stretch marks on my traps...to where it meets my shoulder. I got these before but they went away after a few days...and they werent as bad...i figured it was from grappling around and stuff with my dad lol. But today before i went to the gym i had no shirt on and didnt notice any stretch marks or anything nor did i last night.

Today i trained shoulders, traps, calves....i got home took my shirt back off and was like WTF IS THAT....had stretch marks on both sides. Ill try to get some pictures up of this. This is very weird because they werent there before i lifted today...and im not really getting big that fast that stretch marks would appear...i been at the same weight for the past couple weeks. Anyone have an explaination for this PLEASE!...and is this permanent??!!




2...you can see the red stretch marks on my trap


3...you can see it a little here..none of the pics really show it how it is...it looks much worse in up close with your own eyes.


Stretch marks do not go away after a few days.


What did you do for traps that day?


Did you train your calves by using a standing calf machine? I ask b/c those strech marks just look like marks from the pads you would put your shoulders against to work your calves. I get them doing that too, and when using the hack squat machine.
They're just bruises.


Good post. I get those on my shoulders sometimes from the pad. Again, stretch marks don't go away.


wow...actually i did use that....the standing calf machine. Jesus man...so that means they are def going to go away right?


Yeah, they're probably pad hickeys. I get them from calf machines and skinny benches.


I use that machine and it leaves marks everytime, usually a hella lot smaller than the ones your sporting.

Ive never seen stretch marks like the markings you have. If they are stretch markes you should be able to see the stretched skin in between the scarring. If they are markings from the machine, you should be able to see the blood collected under the skin.


I'm glad I'm not the only one. My friend and I tried shrugs on the standing calf machine after reading one of TC's articles and my traps looked hideous the next day. My friend, on the other hand, had no problems...


They look like bruises to me too. I get bruises just from lying on a bench for benchpress. I'm a delicate peach, I am.

Stretch marks aren't usually that wide, are they?


what traps?


There is no way I would use that machine for traps. Yes, technically it is the same movement, but I can feel that muscle group working much better when actually holding weight in my hands.




Those are not stretch mark, they are only an accumulation of blood where the bar/pad rested during the exercise (standing calf raise).

Same thing happens to me when i squat for more than 5-6 reps or for more than 6 sets.

It usually go away after a couple of hours.


I feel it the opposite way. I get a much better effect using a calf machine or hammer strength shrug seat (standing).


I agree with you Prof. All the exercise did for me was F*#K up my skin...haven't used it since.


...and MJ.